Marcegaglia S.p.A. is in Ravenna, with a facility that employs nearly 1,200 people and covers an area of over 540,000 square meters. Steel coils arrive at the facility’s port dock by sea and are transformed into finished products through various stages of processing in its different production plants. For Marcegaglia S.p.A., the improvement of safety standards has always been at the forefront of its strategies. However, the tools and systems available in the technology market, combined with the specific challenges of this industrial environment, had never yielded satisfactory results due to the presence of ferrous materials, heat sources, radio interference, and other factors.

Another challenging issue was the risk of accidents involving forklifts, a problem that existing technologies based on radar and infrared were unable to overcome due to their lack of reliability in terms of false positives and negatives. Marcegaglia S.p.A. provided Itway S.p.A. with the opportunity to tackle this difficult technological challenge by designing and providing solutions to enhance workplace safety, prevent accidents, and formulate safety strategies through data collection for employee training.
This challenge was successfully met with the development of ICOY MOVER Forklift® and ICOY MOVER Crane® solutions, which required over 3 years of research and testing but are unique worldwide and patented by Itway (Italian Patent No. 102020000016051).

"For the Marcegaglia Group, improving safety standards has always been a central focus in the company's strategies. However, the tools and systems available in the technology market, combined with the unique challenges of the industrial environment at the Port of Ravenna, did not yield satisfactory results. Alongside President G. Andrea Farina, we aimed to tackle this challenging technological endeavor, projecting it into the future and leveraging Artificial Intelligence to design and deliver solutions capable of enhancing workplace safety, preventing accidents, and providing valuable data for employee risk awareness training."
Aldo Fiorini
Chief Operations Officer - Carbon Steel Flat Division, Ravenna Plant Manager Member of the Board of Directors Gruppo Marcegaglia
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