ICOY® solutions provide advanced systems for supporting workplace safety and accident prevention. Specifically, reference is made to activities involving storage and production areas where mobile operational equipment such as overhead cranes are employed, and which are the protagonists of numerous accidents each year, including fatal ones, due to collisions.



The ICOY® system is consistent with Industry 4.0 facilitation requirements.
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and its innovative occupational safety applications for cranes:


This solution has been specifically designed and developed to immediately signal the entry of individuals into a predefined danger area beneath the overhead crane.

The customer independently determines, based on their own safety policies and procedures, the size of the area to be protected under the hook of an overhead crane.


The innovative solution developed by Itway, which has applied for a European patent, has surpassed the inherent limitations of technologies used until now in personnel protection, such as applications and motion detection systems based on Infrared, Bluetooth, or Radio Frequency. An innovative image analysis technique has been adopted, already used in many fields, but never in an industrial context and with an overhead perspective: Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Deep Learning. 

Deep Learning (*), through algorithms based on convolutional neural networks, allows AI to automatically define a set of features that can be used to classify the content of an image. This way, the analysis can be continually improved as the number of analyzed images increases and is not affected by the movement of the overhead crane.

(*) Deep Learning is a subfield of machine learning that relies on multi-level automatic learning from input data. Each deeper level takes the output data from the previous level as input, extracting increasingly more information as depth increases.


The event begins with the detection of a person within the danger area and ends after 0.5 seconds when no person is detected in the danger area. The cameras capture 30 frames per second, and the system analyzes each frame in search of people; once detected, it identifies them in relation to the boundary of the danger area.

It is sufficient for even a small portion of a person to touch the circle to trigger the alarm. ICOY MOVER Crane® stores events (date, time, and photos) and can communicate via Wi-Fi with the customer’s information systems.

> Prerequisite: Wi-Fi coverage in the overhead crane area. In the absence of local Wi-Fi, an autonomous connection via 3G/4G must be provided, capable of secure communication/transmission via the web to both a local and remote-control center.

> Prerequisite: Coverage by a 3G/4G operator.


A dual safety perimeter can be set, with a pre-alarm and a stricter alarm: The system immediately recognizes people within the area in various postures, whether stationary or in motion. Image legend from left to right: P = Person standing without a helmet (Red Rectangle), Ps = Lying Person (Green Rectangle), WARN = Dangerous situation (Blue Rectangle with red text), Pc = Person standing with a helmet (Blue Rectangle), Pac = Crouching Person with a helmet (Purple Rectangle).


Perimetro illuminato

A new feature for ICOY MOVER CRANE®:
Light Perimeter Security Projection

New perimeter lights to ensure even more safety!

It is now possible to integrate the ICOY MOVER CRANE® system with specific industrial LED lamps for overhead crane installations in very bright environments.

This integration allows projecting onto the ground the safety perimeter virtually drawn by the ICOY AI.

When the crane operator (or anyone else) crosses the safety perimeter, the ICOY system intervenes by recognizing the human figure and signaling its presence through the sound warning system, and now also visually!

If multiple safety perimeters are required on the basis of different operating situations (e.g. maximum danger area in case of presence of load on the clamp) the ICOY system will accordingly adjust the projected perimeter on the ground.

According to customer requirements, the ICOY system can act on the projection lamps to signal not only the safety perimeter to be respected but also the momentary presence of a person within the area through intermittent flashing.

In Italy, according to an Inail (National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work) study, the port industry sees an incidence of 124 accidents per 1,000 workers compared to 29 in other sectors. The sector has characteristics that set it apart from any other, as ports engage in multimodal transport (ships, loading equipment, transport vehicles, railways, etc.) with a high level of technology. Ships, subject to gigantism, increasingly automate their operations, with frequent changes in the quantity and types of goods, which also results in high-risk work. ICOY ® recognizes events and activates local alarms (flashing lights, sirens, or other activities as requested by the customer) during ship/loading and unloading operations at the dock and in the storage area.


has obtained the Italian patent:

N. 102020000016051