The Itway Group is very proud to announce that it won 2 awards at the Italian Project Awards 2022 , an editorial initiative conceived by the G11 Media Publishing Group. The winning projects were reviewed and evaluated in two main sessions: a first evaluation carried out by the editorial staffs of ChannelCity and ImpresaCity, and a second one, in which the Editorial Staffs were joined by the Quality Jury, composed of academics, market analysts, and corporate innovation manager profiles. Italian Projects Awards is the number of awards recognizing the best projects on different aspects and market segments, identifying 4 award sections:
– Most INNOVATIVE Project
– The best project on the sustainability theme
– The best project for PA
– The best project for BUSINESSES

Itway S.p.A. won in two out of four sections with the most innovative project and the best business project.

These awards were won thanks to the ICOY® (I Care Of You) solution, an innovative system designed to save lives and reduce the risk of accidents at work that uses the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence developed by the Itway team that uses an object detection algorithm capable of recognizing objects through a single convolutional neural network. ICOY® AI is constantly improving because it uses Deep Learning for analysis, which allows it to automatically define a set of features used to classify the content of an image and proceed with self-learning. In this way, the analysis can be constantly improved as the number of images analyzed increases and is not affected by object motion.

ICOY® was also created thanks to a specific request from the Marcegaglia Group. There is a need to immediately warn operators, working at the Port of Ravenna on vehicles such as forklifts, bulldozers, mechanical shovels and moving bridge cranes, of people entering a predefined danger area. The innovative solution took over 3 years of study and testing, overcoming the objective limitations of technologies used to date, such as applications and systems based on motion detection, Infrared, Bluetooth or Radio Frequency and was patented by Itway (No. 102020000016051).

The awards ceremony took place in Milan, in the beautiful setting of the Terrace in Copernico Isola, led by >Prof. Francesco Sacco Senior partner at Corporate Hangar and member of the IPA Jury. The Awards were collected by Itway President and CEO, Andrea Farina accompanied by Itway Vice President Cesare Valenti and Stefano Della Valle, ICOY Chief Technology Advisor and Marco Nanni, ICOY Artificial Intelligence Engineer.
These awards consolidate the Itway Group’s objectives: the market presence of the ICOY Cyber Safety solution and the improvement of working life conditions in Italy by reducing the risks of accidents and saving lives.